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Shailesh Prajapati

I would like to take a moment to write about my experience finding an internship with great help from Joblinx at JCU Brisbane campus. Myself, being an international student and not knowing so much about industries and organisational culture in Australia, it was tremendously difficult and challenging to find an internship opportunity. I was well aware before applying for an internship, about the difficulties in finding an accounting internship. Joblinx has put a lot of effort and time into helping me find such an opportunity. It was not easy! I wouldn’t be able to secure this accounting opportunity without the tireless effort and time the staff spent helping me. Joblinx has gone above and beyond my expectations. Their help and guidance throughout the process was very professional and informing. At no point did I feel directionless, disconnected or confused. Not only did Joblinx help me find an accounting internship, but I was guided throughout my internship experience.  Joblinx made sure I had everything necessary during the internship program and provided me with professional guidance to continue doing my best here.The staff are very dedicated and put a lot of effort towards helping you find the right internship. I strongly recommend Joblinx to any student looking for an internship.

When I went for the interview at P. Stokes & Co. Accounting, I admit I was a bit nervous. I had a number of questions in mind about the interview- what they may ask and how I would answer, will they select me for internship …or not. However, when I approached the interview I kept in mind that I want to get this so badly. I answered all questions professionally and on point as prepared by Joblinx. I also had interview preparation before attending the real one! I was given lots of tips on how to present myself at the interview. The interview went very well and I found the experience pleasant and formal.

Finally I was selected. Now as an accounting intern at P. Stokes & Co. Accountants, I am very happy to get the chance to convert my accounting theoretical knowledge into practice. While here I have the chance to learn how Australian professional work culture is! Besides this a usual day at work for me is working on bank statements, balance sheets, profit and loss statements, taxation and data entry. This internship increased not only my accounting skills but also built my confidence.

After finishing my internship the valuable professional work experience in accounting field will help me optimise my chances to secure a job as an accountant."