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Jennifer Ohol

Joblinx was one of the best things that happened to me after I joined James Cook University. Like any other student who comes to a foreign land with certain aspirations and ambitions, I too had mine. Given that I already had some work experience in my field back in India, I wanted to continue and gain some local work experience. I knew this would add more relevance to what I am studying, but how to enter and start my career with the Australian job market was a big question. This is where Joblinx came to my rescue.

After I registered myself online with them, within 24hrs I got a call from them and an appointment was fixed. I met with an Employment Consultant, on my first appointment. She was well prepared to guide and help me. First things first, she advised me on how to modify and build my resume to meet the Australian standard. She was very patient and willing in dealing with my queries and questions. Not only did she guide me and answer all my queries but also motivated me and helped me build my confidence.

Not long enough after my association started with Joblinx, I got an opportunity to start working as an Intern with a firm called Cerebral Palsy League (CPL) which is in the disability sector. This came as a wonderful opportunity to gain some local work experience and I am thankful to Joblinx for helping me find this. Joblinx not only helped me get an internship but made sure that I got what I wanted, they made sure that I secured an internship in my own field - Accounting. Eventually after working as an intern with CPL’s finance team for 1.5 months, I landed a part-time job with them. Things can't get any better and I have no one else but Joblinx and JCU Brisbane to thank for this.

I would definitely recommend all the students who are interested in developing themselves and gaining work experience to go and see someone at Joblinx. They are the best help you can get.