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Dhara Karmani

Getting in touch with Joblinx was the first step I took towards my success. When I enrolled myself online with them, I got a call from them and an appointment was fixed. I met with an Employment Consultant, on my first appointment. From here they graciously offered to guide and help me in my career search. First and foremost I was advised of the best way to set out my resume to meet the Australian standard. my Employment Consultant was exceptionally patient in managing my queries and persistent in helping me develop my confidence.

After the resume building, I had another meeting with Joblinx where  they decided to send my CV to Remserv a subsidiary company of McMillian Shakespeare Group. Finally one morning Joblinx called me saying that my resume has been selected and I had been called in for an interview. Before the interview Joblinx helped me a lot to develop my interview skills which was really helpful when it came time to face the interview panel.

Thanks to Joblinx I got an opportunity to face a corporate interview. It was an amazing experience and a feel for the corporate world which further helped me to boost my confidence. Time came to start my internship and I was really excited for that day. When I started the internship I was bit nervous but excited too. My colleagues were really friendly and welcoming and my team leader made sure that I was comfortable and I didn’t hesitate to ask anything. From day two I was no longer nervous due to the wonderful environment I was working in and the friendly people around me.

Remserv is a customer oriented firm which is something that I too am passionate about. I am placed in a customer service assistant role where I process claims and reimbursements. It’s quite a responsible job. I’ve even had the opportunity to learn the software “Sherlock” which is used to process claims. After the first week of Sherlock software training, I am really eager and confident to process claims on my own.

I really look forward to continue being a part of Remserv. All the credit goes to Joblinx and JCU Brisbane. I recommend if any of you are interested in gaining professional work experience in your field, please see Joblinx as they are always ready to help!