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Chu Yin (Chris) Wong

Hi everyone, my name is Chris and I'm a student at JCUB. It's my honour to present to you how wonderful our school is to have provided support us with while searching for work experiences and internships.

While I'm reaching my final semester, I've approached Joblinx, an extremely good recruitment agency available only to students from James Cook University Brisbane to get internships or work experience. Joblinx is incredibly helpful and efficient. Within a week or two of my application, she managed to secure this work experience program.

I've started my logistics work experience with Europcar since September for a period of 12 weeks. Europcar is a car hire company that not only operates in Australia but also in many other countries. In my course of internship, I've learnt a lot of things such as how to perform under stress, managing good relationships with staffs, understand work culture and ethics and also allows me to have better communication skills.

It was sad to end the work experience program with Europcar after 12 weeks however it opened up another door for me to be employed by an international company in a casual role.

As many students might have known, it is very difficult to get employment as an international student while studying in Australia. I'm glad and honoured to have been given an opportunity.

I would like to encourage all JCUB students to enrich yourself and gain work experiences with the help of Joblinx while studying in Australia as it is a very good help in finding a job in future. All the best to all JCUB students!